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Andrew Marotta is an energetic and enthusiastic school leader who has put his positive imprint on his beloved school, Port Jervis HS, in Port Jervis, NY.  With the release of his first book, THE PRINCIPAL: Surviving & Thriving. 125 Points of Wisdom, Practical Tips, and Relatable Stories for all School Principals, Andrew is looking to expand his impact to others. He is a loving husband to his wife Jennifer, and supportive father to his three young children Claire, Matthew, and Tessa.  He has been the leader at Port Jervis for thirteen years serving as Assistant Principal for seven years and now Principal for the last six. Andrew has led the transformation of PJHS helping raise the graduation rate from the low 60 percent to the mid to upper 80 percent. There is a positive change of mindset among staff and students directly related to Mr. Marotta’s leadership in and around the school. He IS his logo: energy, enthusiasm, extra effort, striving for excellence all with heart!

In addition to academic achievement by students, the school’s climate and culture has evolved for the better. From smoky bathrooms and empty, down trodden flowerbeds to clean, smoke free halls and bathrooms and an abundance of beauty in and around the school, Mr. Marotta has been the catalyst for a culture change at Port Jervis High School.  Now he wants to bring his game plan to you and your school.  Are you ready?

Born and raised by his parents Joseph & Dorothy Marotta in a nurturing and strict Italian-American household in Staten Island, NY, Andrew enjoyed the company of his brother and sisters and many cousins living close to his home on the North Shore of Staten Island.  His siblings, Suzanne, Maureen, and Paul, along with his lifelong friend Dr. Francis Celis, kept him busy and engaged as a child and helped mold his ‘foot on the pedal’ personality because he was always trying to outdo or beat his brother and sisters and the good doctor. They rarely let him win or come in first!

Andrew attended the prestigious all boys Xaverian HS in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He was a member of the National Honor Society as well as the basketball team.  He went on to attend Guilford College in Greensboro, NC majoring in biology and playing on the men’s basketball team.  Andrew loved his time both at Xaverian & Guilford and learned many life lessons that come out in this book years later.  He laughs when he remembers his Dad commenting when arriving in NC to drop Andrew off, “Why are they so fricken’ nice down here?”  Andrew furthered his education earning his master’s at Wagner College in Staten Island followed by his administration degree from the College of Staten Island. After volunteering in Tuscany, Italy for a year with the Augustinian Friars under the leadership of Father Joe Mostardi, OSA, as the second ever Augustinian Volunteer, he taught science for several years on Staten Island crafting his direct style with students. Andrew jumped right into the pool without any formal training. After just three weeks of observing classes as a first year graduate student, Andrew’s cooperating teacher quit on the spot and he was offered the job and started teaching the next day. No student teaching, no job interview, no nothing. Bam. He learned quickly and went on to a successful teaching career as a science teacher.

Mr. Marotta moved his family to Northeast, PA and started his career in administration at Port Jervis HS in Port Jervis, NY. He made an immediate impact using the concepts and philosophies he shares with you in this book THE PRINCIPAL: Thriving & Surviving.    He’s never looked back and now with the release of his first book, he will immediately impact school leaders and their schools with his practical and direct book about school leadership.

Husband, Father, Principal, Division One College Basketball Official, Professional Speaker & Developer, and now author Andrew Marotta balances his busy lifestyle and now shares with you the tips, tricks, procedures, and methods he used to make it work for him.  Take one or all of the tips in this book and make them your own. One day at a time and one wisdom point at a time and you’ll be better tomorrow then you are today. Go for it and enjoy this fun and energetic read!

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Moratta-MiniBioFooter Andrew Marotta is an energetic and enthusiastic school leader 
who has put his positive imprint on his beloved school.

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